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Defying Race Stereotypes in Tech

The lack of diversity in tech is no secret and it has long been an issue that companies around the world have seemed to sweep under the rug or be afraid to discuss publicly. In 2014 Google did the unthinkable by making their diversity numbers public, and unsurprisingly the company’s nearly 50,000 employees were predominantly male and white or Asian.

The New Leaders of Smashing Boxes

We are excited to announce a new leadership team! Nick Jordan, our founder, will be moving from CEO to Chairman/CEO and eventually just Chairman. Why might you ask? Well, Nick is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for solving problems with technology, helping others to do so, and building a community and ecosystem in the process. Want to know more about what’s already in the works? Check out Nick's thoughts by clicking here!

Podcast Episode Five: Using Technology to Create Major Change Within The America Educational System

Rewind a few months ago- Fresh off raising money, getting set up, and launching a new immersive code school, the pandemic hits, and everything gets thrown out the window. Luckily for my good friend and guest on our latest podcast episode Jessica Mitsch, she could get through the freak out moment and get her business pivoted to a highly active and successful remote service for her students. In the episode, we discuss many things, including but not limited to how to shift to remote even when you built your entire business around in-person interaction, the future of education, being an entrepreneur in the triangle, and more.

Podcast Episode Four: Leveraging Your Attorney Relationships to Maximize Business Potential

Jesse, attorney and head of Fourscore Law, has started a legal startup that helps startups to startup. Fortunately, in this episode we don’t spend much time making cliche jokes or references to HBO’s Silicon Valley (or to the actual Silicon Valley for that matter).  Jesse and I get into a variety of topics, ranging from how businesses should truly engage with their legal team for a 10x return to the book Buy vs Build, which is a book about entrepreneurs taking a different path to business ownership and scaling.

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