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Podcast Episode Four: Leveraging Your Attorney Relationships to Maximize Business Potential

Oct 28, 2020 8:23:17 AM

Jesse, attorney and head of Fourscore Law, has started a legal startup that helps startups to startup. Fortunately, in this episode we don’t spend much time making cliche jokes or references to HBO’s Silicon Valley (or to the actual Silicon Valley for that matter).  Jesse and I get into a variety of topics, ranging from how businesses should truly engage with their legal team for a 10x return to the book Buy vs Build, which is a book about entrepreneurs taking a different path to business ownership and scaling.

Jesse and I both share a common approach to the world and to our businesses and that is that ideas deserve opportunity. Jesse hits on this when he discusses his approach to working with startups and small businesses.

Click the link below to view Episode 4 on the podcast platform of your choice!


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