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Podcast Episode Three: The Evolution of Healthcare Amidst COVID-19

Oct 28, 2020 8:20:32 AM

About Michael Levy:

Michael Levy is a purpose-driven problem-solver, uniting, and collaborating with like-minded people to support impact and transformation in healthcare and education. Michael is a healthcare executive turned entrepreneur with a digitally-enabled mindset. Earning his BS in Neurobiology from Tulane University and his MBA from Elon University, coupled with high technology literacy from his experience at Apple at the turn of the century, he is on a path to unite culture, process, people, and technology to create a new operating system for the 21st century.

That is why Michael co-founded Bluedoor and the Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT). In partnership, Bluedoor and DHIT serve as the vehicles to Michael's vision and the operating entities to drive impact and transformation into communities.

Here is a quick transcription clip from our third episode with Michael:

"Yeah, I totally cosign on that, because when I started smashing boxes, it was all about smashing the Box. But the point is that there is no box. There's no constraint. All we're seeing are constraints falling down. At the end of the day regarding healthcare, we have to do what we can to improve population health, and we have to all be okay with the fact that this might not be great for one individual or another or their interests, and we have to build tools that make us more ready for situations like this in the future." - Nick
"I think to that point what we're seeing is a deeper level of understanding that we're connected, and the virality and the ease of spread of COVID have really amplified the community narrative and the network narrative that humans actually live and Survive by. Take for instance a smoker who is making individual decisions to smoke, or an eater, or an individual who does exercise – these are all attributes of cages. Historically we have let the onus on the individual by the individual's onus. What we're going to see is a more connected society that builds support systems for the aggregate versus the individual. As it relates to just what you see when you're walking down the street, how many neighbors do you see that you never saw before? How many people do you have just in your little circle that is caring just a little bit more about each other? We are looking at each other a little bit more intentionally. I do see population health, situational health, and all Health improving. If we're in this world together, let's take care of each other. Let us survive and live together. In this framework. It can't be an “I” world anymore, It's got to be a “we” world." - Michael

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