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Smashing Boxes Aids Keen Decision Systems’ Continued Growth

Aug 5, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Keen Decision Systems uses a software platform to generate accurate predictions for clients’ future performance.

Keen Decision Systems, a Smashing Boxes client, helps marketing leaders make data-driven decisions that build winning brands.

Based out of North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, the quickly growing company helps beloved brands reach customers more efficiently.

Keen uses a software platform that generates accurate predictions for clients’ future performance. These results help companies make smarter decisions about how to drive growth. Some of the clients Keen has worked with include Campbell’s Soup Co., AT&T, Philips, and Church & Dwight.

Smashing Boxes is working to elevate Keen to the next level and help the company continue to grow and reach more of its clients.

“Through design changes and re-architecting of the user experience for Keen Decision Systems, we’re assuring that marketers can reach the right audiences in the best ways,” said Smashing Boxes CEO Nick Jordan. “By revamping Keen's designs and creating innovative changes to the user experience, we’re helping the company further grow and have an even bigger impact on the market.”

CEO Greg Dolan and Chief Product Officer John Busbice co-founded Keen in 2010. With a three-year growth rate of nearly 182 percent, the company has been listed on Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America since 2019. It was also named a “2021 Best Tech Startup” by The Tech Tribune. The expert team acts with empathy and precision to help clients succeed.

“At Smashing Boxes, we work with a wide variety of clients, like Keen, to help them scale, grow and innovate,” said Jordan.

For more information on Keen Decision Systems, visit https://keends.com/.

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