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Smashing Moves! At Smashing Boxes.

May 27, 2021 10:51:19 AM

We are excited to announce several new team members to Smashing Boxes! While the beginning of 2020 certainly presented many challenges, we are fortunate to be in an industry that is foundational to driving the economy forward through the pandemic.

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Griffin Kelton
Director of UX and Design

Griffin brings an extensive background in creative strategy, brand development, and digital marketing with companies both large and small. He is adept at creating tailored web solutions that take your customer from awareness to advocacy. His superpower? Distilling complexity and building alignment.

Steve Banfi
Senior UX Designer

As a senior UX designer, Steve provides creative direction that effectively enhances concept development, wireframing, prototyping, and brand implementation initiatives. He is a creative thought leader apt at transformational management, converting complex workflows, high-level ideas, and business strategies into simplified and engaging user experiences. His superpower? Organizing data streams and synchronizing teams.


Parris Lucas
Principal Solution Architect

I am focused on building Smashing Boxes to become a process-based Performance Engineering business to deliver synergy in what's possible, resolving impediments, and forging lasting ties with customers. As a labored, insightful specialist fabricating near real-time systems with a propensity for sustaining the open-source community. Cultivated Automation, Integration, and Process demand business system expertise to our customer's ambitions.

Wendjie Zhang
Visual UI Designer

Wendjie loves a good problem, and even better, she loves to solve it! Her goal is to build a better human-centered experience for people, no matter the interface or physical place. Wendjie is a former landscape architect who turned her design passion to the digital space. Her Superpower? Understanding perspectives.

Deborah Lalush
Engagement Manager

A recent graduate of NC State University with a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree, Deborah developed a love for cognitive science. With a brain that works very logically and her of love human factors, she is best when designing intuitive interfaces and experiences or doing the research to make sure that can happen. Her Superpower? Giving TEDX talks at NC State. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCLzAEOg1qk


Dan Hass
Software Architect

Topics: hiring, Smashing Boxes culture

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