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Get Blockchain Smart: Blockchain Foundations series

Throughout the past decade, blockchain technology has gone from a new financial experiment with a cult following, to a potential revolutionizer of data management. As blockchain has gained more and more traction, many people still struggle to understand: what exactly is blockchain? And why would anyone want to use it? SmashingBoxes’ blockchain practice, SmashingBlox, has created a series, to answer those very questions and provide the foundation needed to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency. Learn more about the series from our blockchain practice lead, Walter Pinson in the video below.

Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Walter Pinson, VP of Strategy and Blockchain

Tech industry veteran and entrepreneur Walter Pinson has joined Smashing Boxes as the new vice president of strategy. In this role, Pinson will lead new strategic growth initiatives, including building out a new Blockchain practice and launching Smashing Boxes' Venture Studio. An entrepreneur and seasoned technology executive, Walter Pinson brings nearly three decades of experience in product development, strategic planning, and software engineering to the Smashing Boxes Leadership team. He holds a BS degree in Computer Science, with a focus on distributed and parallel computing, and an MBA, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and global strategy, both from George Mason University. He studied European Market Dynamics at Oxford University and he recently completed the Strategy and Innovation program at MIT.

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