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The Internet of Musical Things or “IoMusT”. It’s IoT, for Music

IoT has the ability to unlock enhanced experiences across a broad spectrum of industries, and music is no different. In fact, the advances being made across the industry are as plentiful as they are diverse. The Internet of Musical Things (IoMusT) is the ability of a computing device to exchange data in service of a musical purpose. From enabling virtual opera rehearsal to coordinating infrared signals to wearable LED’s during live concerts, the way we interact with and around music is changing.

Technology-Enabled Healthcare Innovation

What's Next in Technology-Enabled Healthcare Innovation

Next Matters Most is more than just a statement or the name of the Smashing Boxes blog—it is a reality that plays out each day in business and life. Success demands we look to the future for value and direction. For the U.S. healthcare industry—where a fee-for-service focus has perpetuated a myriad of issues, from patient non-adherence and poor health outcomes to ever-increasing costs—this is especially true. What the healthcare industry has historically done just doesn’t work anymore, and what’s next, really does matter. So, what is next in technology-enabled healthcare innovation and why does it matter?

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