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Wearable Tech is Elevating Healthcare Capabilities

We’re a couple days into a new year. Our resolutions have been made, and quite possibly broken already, but coming off a year where healthcare was not only at the forefront, but was flipped on its head, chances are you have some sort of health-related goal in mind for 2021 and wearable technology and IoT can help you achieve your goals and communicate with your doctor more efficiently.

Technology-Enabled Healthcare Innovation

What's Next in Technology-Enabled Healthcare Innovation

Next Matters Most is more than just a statement or the name of the Smashing Boxes blog—it is a reality that plays out each day in business and life. Success demands we look to the future for value and direction. For the U.S. healthcare industry—where a fee-for-service focus has perpetuated a myriad of issues, from patient non-adherence and poor health outcomes to ever-increasing costs—this is especially true. What the healthcare industry has historically done just doesn’t work anymore, and what’s next, really does matter. So, what is next in technology-enabled healthcare innovation and why does it matter?

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