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Smashing Moves! At Smashing Boxes.

We are excited to announce several new team members to Smashing Boxes! While the beginning of 2020 certainly presented many challenges, we are fortunate to be in an industry that is foundational to driving the economy forward through the pandemic.

Defying Race Stereotypes in Tech

The lack of diversity in tech is no secret and it has long been an issue that companies around the world have seemed to sweep under the rug or be afraid to discuss publicly. In 2014 Google did the unthinkable by making their diversity numbers public, and unsurprisingly the company’s nearly 50,000 employees were predominantly male and white or Asian.

The New Leaders of Smashing Boxes

We are excited to announce a new leadership team! Nick Jordan, our founder, will be moving from CEO to Chairman/CEO and eventually just Chairman. Why might you ask? Well, Nick is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for solving problems with technology, helping others to do so, and building a community and ecosystem in the process. Want to know more about what’s already in the works? Check out Nick's thoughts by clicking here!

Podcast Episode One: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Jes Averhart is the CEO of Jes & Co. and creator of the Reinvention Roadmap! As a Mom, Storyteller, Podcaster, and member of a Badass Girl Tribe, she uses her flaws and lessons to fuel each incredible life chapter! Jes is obsessed with the process and power of REINVENTION and wants to inspire others to start their journey.

Jes realized her true passion for leadership development and women's empowerment while leading partner engagement at the American Underground, a Google for Startups Tech Hub (aka, the 'Startup Capital of the South' by CNBC). During her tenure, she had the unique opportunity to manage relationships with Google, Fidelity Labs, Wells Fargo, Coastal Credit Union, Lincoln Financial, and others. Her time spent immersed in the startup scene also inspired her to co-found Black Wall Street Homecoming, a nonprofit aimed at closing the funding gap for Black and Brown tech founders.

Earlier in her career, Jes launched a boutique event production company. She specialized in providing professional event management services for the likes of the Cincinnati Bengals & Cleveland Browns (NFL), Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA), The Procter & Gamble Company, Pepsi Cola North America, as well as a growing number of companies based in the Research Triangle Park.

Originally from Evansport, Ohio, Jes learned the ropes quickly by working in the family's real estate, auctioneering, and appraisal business. After college, she accepted a corporate role with General Electric; but it didn't take long before she started her own company, making her a4th generation entrepreneur. Jes moved to North Carolina in 2005 devoting much of her time serving on various nonprofit boards, writing, cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes, and globe-trotting. But without question, her greatest gift is her teenage son Tre who helps keep all things in perspective!

Check out the podcast episode anywhere you listen to podcasts or by clicking here! 

Love to Learn

Get Blockchain Smart: Blockchain Foundations series

Throughout the past decade, blockchain technology has gone from a new financial experiment with a cult following, to a potential revolutionizer of data management. As blockchain has gained more and more traction, many people still struggle to understand: what exactly is blockchain? And why would anyone want to use it? SmashingBoxes’ blockchain practice, SmashingBlox, has created a series, to answer those very questions and provide the foundation needed to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency. Learn more about the series from our blockchain practice lead, Walter Pinson in the video below.

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