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App Development for Start-Ups Brings Good Things to Life

When an ad slogan lasts for nearly 25 years, it probably meshes with a company’s DNA. Chances also are pretty good it strikes a chord with customers.

From 1979 to 2003, General Electric (GE) used the line, “We bring good things to life.”

This line demonstrated the diverse products the company brought to market — light bulbs, power-generators, jet engines. It also suggested these products made life better.

GE said it. More importantly, consumers believed it.

The line can also describe what properly developed apps can do for start-ups and defines what Smashing Boxes does every day.

We partner with new and established entities, small and large companies, tech and traditional businesses. We collaborate with them to bring good things – their ideas – to life in the form of software, digital products and experiences.

We work with healthcare, life sciences, health tech and med tech companies of all shapes and sizes. But we really get energized when developing apps for start-ups.

Why? Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. Our entire team is entrepreneurial at heart. Our experience and passion for turning ideas into great products for start-ups propels us forward.

Our Chairman and CEO Nick Jordan has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. He’s mentored a new wave of entrepreneurs through programs like RIOT, Groundwork Labs, Start-Up Health and the Adams Apprenticeship and he’s served on the board of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development and served investor/advisor roles in various start-ups.

“An entrepreneurial spirit impacts the creation and management of technology, strategy and innovation,” said Nick. “Entrepreneurial-minded teams, like Smashing Boxes, can change the world for the better.”

Said another way, they can bring good things to life.

If you’re a start-up looking to develop a new app, Smashing Boxes is the right partner. We’ve got the expertise in the full product lifecycle. And we have the capability to build scalable, modern technology products and platforms.

We’ve got you covered in each stage of app development.

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