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Transforming Live Sports & Entertainment with IOT: the (un)clear future

Mar 29, 2019 12:06:33 PM


IoT: The 4th Industrial Revolution

IoT's Disruption of Live Sports & Entertainment is So Seamless, Will We Even Notice?

There's no doubt IoT is changing the game for live sports and entertainment -- from attending an NFL football game to checking out the latest museum exhibit. In fact, a recent survey predicts that 2019 will be a “tipping point" for sports revenue growth as organizations embrace technology to attract audiences and create more immersive fan experiences. More than 50 billion technology devices (computers, laptops, tablets and phones, primarily) will be plugged in to the Internet of Things 2020. The transformative, expansive adoption of IoT has even been dubbed the “4th Industrial Revolution” and the "8th Wonder of the World."

What remains unclear: Will we even notice this IoT 'revolution' as we enjoy better, safer, more seamless event-going experiences?

Three IoT experts recently weighed in at “Atlanta RIoT XXXIII: How IoT is Disrupting Sports & Entertainment”:

  • Chris Lorkowski, Co-founder/CEO, BruVue
  • Sachin Iyengar, Sr. Manager System Performance & In-Building (Super Bowl 53), Verizon Wireless
  • Lance Burnett, Founder/CEO, Stark RFID

5 key takeaways:

Tailoring Events to the Patron’s Interests


IoT key enablers such as Wi-Fi, networked hardware/beacons, connected visual/display hardware, and venue-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) can lead to greater data insights, allowing sports teams, live event venues, and other cultural attractions to tailor their offering to each fan’s specific needs in real-time. Check out how Stark RFID helped transform the College Football Hall of Fame experience.


A More Secure, Seamless Approach

Courtesy of Intellitix Knowledge Hub

Worried about your wallet getting stolen? Want to leave that cumbersome purse at home?

No cash or credit card needed: Instead, you’ll be able to use a wristband to make your purchases.


Say goodbye to barcodes.

You’ll no longer need to rely on barcodes, which are easily replicated and re-sold. Look for a chip in the ticket to ensure that you actually get access to the event, while also enjoying more personalization through opt-in registration.


Less risk, more personal safety. 

Venues can track your movement to determine your location, which is especially important in the case of unexpected weather events and/or other unexpected disruptions.


Businesses realize significant returns.

With more integrated data and real-time analytics, venues can increase efficiency and use. Enhancing the fan experience through personalization will not only increase patron participation, but also lead to other sources of revenue.

IoT may not help your team win or lose, or prevent a concert from getting rained out, but IoT disruption and transformation will drive better experiences and better outcomes for businesses. Are you noticing it? If so, we'd love to hear about your unique IoT-related Live Event experience. Send us an email, leave a comment, or fill-out the Contact Us form.

This article was written by Shannon Rentner, senior director of marketing, who is passionate about health and wellness, healthcare transformation and IoT innovation.

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