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What’s an Agency? A Resource to Help Your Business Break Through

Aug 4, 2021 1:20:44 PM

Agencies’ varying areas of expertise and thought leadership provide many benefits, elevating businesses—from small start-ups to major organizations—to the next level.


Naturally, both large and small businesses lean towards trying to handle everything by themselves. While this does “work,” many companies don’t have the workforce or expertise to achieve all their goals internally. Often, it's smarter for them to take a step back and hire an agency to lend a hand.


The value of an agency lies in a team of professionals that specialize in various disciplines, like marketing, design, and development. All of these strengths combined go into creating exceptional outcomes for the client’s personalized needs.


“An agency is a collection of people who are experts in specific topics and fit some type of

culture and DNA,” said Smashing Boxes CEO Nick Jordan. “Agencies exist to help people and

organizations devise big ideas and make breakthroughs with their specialized knowledge and

honed-in skills.”


In the post-COVID-19 world, agencies will likely become increasingly important as companies

look to innovate and grow as they focus on what they do best.


Great ideas and smart teams drive startups, but they can still benefit from hiring an

agency specializing in specific skills outside their teams’ reach. Given, even many large

corporations don’t have the expertise or insights that agencies can deliver.


Smashing Boxes is one of these forward-thinking, innovative agencies that can help you achieve goals that are beyond your team’s scope.


“You need an agency that can augment not only your team but also become a true partner as ‘brand chameleons’ that can jump right in and get it,” said Griffin Kelton, Director of UX & Design at Smashing Boxes. “Many agencies are founder-led, and that’s not a recipe for success. When you’re brand-led, teams unite around a singular goal: bringing innovation to life for your customers. Look for agencies that offer the specialized skills you need, think outside the box, and are made of entrepreneurs with exceptional business acumen. That’s a recipe for a successful relationship.”


The SB team provides brand-led, integrated, strategic, and adaptive services to help organizations grow and innovate.


Our human-centered process provides exceptional results across strategy, design, and

development. We tailor our engagements with multidisciplinary teams to match your unique

needs and help you build products and businesses around products ready for

commercialization, growth, and scale.


If you’re interested in putting that type of thought leadership to work for your company, consider

bringing in a diversified agency like Smashing Boxes. For more information or to get in contact, reach out to us at www.smashingboxes.com/contact

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